Some memorable calls working on a regular ambulance (part 2)

This is the second in a series of articles of some memorable calls I have been on recently whilst working on an ambulance – not a usual occurrence for me these days as I usually work on my own on a response car.

Requests are occasionally made for the ambulance service to attend at firearms incidents in case someone gets injured during the operation. One very cold dark evening Richard and I were asked to go along with the police while they conducted a raid on a private house where there was believed to be unlicensed guns.

Firstly we made our way to the rendezvous point at the police station where thirty police officers were being briefed on the plan. Apparently a bailiff or debt collector had gone to visit a man at his home address earlier that day and had instead found himself staring down the barrel of a gun. He managed to get away and then promptly told the police – who now were planning to relieve this man of his gun and arrest him.

Most of the time these events are very well planned and executed meaning that our services are not required. This is exactly how we like it; we just sit there in the cab and chat or read (rumour has it that some people even have a snooze – but I wouldn’t know about that). The police had closed off the road and were turning vehicles back to keep them away from the location for their own safety. While we were sitting there we noticed a young driver heading towards the police with no headlights on. He was asked to stop and our headlights shone on him as the police ran a check on the car and its occupants. They continued to shine on him as he and his passenger were arrested, unfortunately we’ll never know what for exactly, but it passed some time for us all the same.


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