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Parliament Square Treatment Centre … The Tamil Protests


Recently I was asked to go to the Parliament Square area to work with St John’s Ambulance (SJA) staff providing medical cover in their treatment centre during the Tamil Protests against Sri Lanka. I thought it would make an interesting and pleasant change from working in Croydon so I quickly agreed.

Weather wise, it was a fantastic day; positively balmy in fact. From our standby point just next to St James’s Park I gazed enviously at those lucky ‘off-duty’ folks who had taken the opportunity to have impromptu picnics  after work with friends taking full advantage of the good weather.

It ended up being a quiet day for us; during the time we were there we only had three patients. Two of them weren’t even involved in the demonstrations but had been caught up in an unrelated incident further down the road in Whitehall. Luckily none of them were badly injured.

Occasionally during the day I left my post at St James’s Park to have a wander down to Parliament Square for a change of scenery. It was a peaceful demonstration with lots of good natured protesters mostly in family groups chatting with each other, handing out leaflets and waving flags. Big Ben looked stunning, glinting in the sunshine, and as the evening drew on the moon, which was almost a full moon, sat picture perfect over the Houses of Parliament and reminded me of the last time I was there for the UNCUT Project a few months ago.

As usual the SJA excelled themselves, seemingly able to mind read exactly when I wanted a cup of tea, coffee or a biscuit; no sooner had I had the thought and as if by magic one would appear! Thank heavens for St Johns! All in all a very good day.


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