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The Curse of Charlotte

Bamboo ladder in the road by Augapfel, on Flickr

Bamboo ladder in the road by Augapfel, on Flickr

Do you remember me mentioning Charlotte the student paramedic who rides out with me occasionally? Well I had the pleasure of her company last week and the ‘Curse of Charlotte’  struck again, meaning that true to form we had reason to collar and board one of our patients yet again.

The call came through as “Fall from a high ladder”. On the way there we mentally prepared for the worst (near death – need the helicopter) and hoped for the best (minor injuries – need a plaster).

As we pulled up on scene I said to Charlotte “Can you see if he is conscious?” Charlotte pipes up: “Yes – he’s smoking a cigarette!” Sure enough, our patient who had fallen a considerable distance and hit some railings on the way down just to add insult to injury, was lying there with a chest injury and a very badly fractured pelvis, and actually calmly enjoying a smoke; perhaps he thought it may be his last?!

Once again the ‘Curse of Charlotte’ meant that we had to call for an ambulance and use the collar and board to get the poor man in to hospital as seems to happen everytime she comes out with me! However, I will forgive Charlotte anything just now as she has managed to secure Kings of Leon tickets for us to see them at the O2 next month. As far as I am concerned, she can come out with me whenever she wants from now on.


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