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Treatment Centre: Flora London Marathon 2009

Flora London Marathon 2009

Flora London Marathon 2009

On the morning of the marathon we had to be in HQ at Waterloo by 6am. Everyone was fully briefed and then enjoyed an early breakfast, after which we were dispatched to our respective posts. Some crews were placed in St John’s treatment centres and others were roaming the area ready to respond promptly to calls in ambulances or cars. Luckily I was crewed up with my ECP colleague Jon; we roamed around in an ambulance stopping off at various different points throughout the day as required. We came across two of our patients while driving around in fact as bystanders flagged us down. One of these patients was a young foreign student who had fallen and sustained a head injury and then suffered a fit as a result; the other was an older gentleman who felt faint and collapsed while enjoying the sights with his family.

London looked dazzling once again; I imagined the flocks of tourists being suitably impressed as the sun brought out her best features. As predicted, it was a very busy day. London Ambulance Service confirmed that over 6,000 casualties were treated. Although the weather was perfect for us to work in, those brave souls that were running in the marathon probably would have chosen slightly cooler conditions.

Towards the end of the day we were sent to the finish line. While we were there we saw some of the last runners coming through. I was amazed and full of admiration for those of them who ran in unusual costumes. I saw clowns, fairies, snow white, two rhinos, and even one female fire-fighter who had run in full gear including the helmet and boots; despite her ordeal she still looked amazingly glamorous and was obviously very fit indeed.

Did anyone go to watch the marathon? Or perhaps you ran? I’d be interested in hearing about your experiences in the comments.


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