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Remembering 7/7

Juxtaposition by Kazaroth, on Flickr

Juxtaposition by Kazaroth, on Flickr

[Note: This is a guest post by Jacky Hyams, London based journalist and author]

After watching Tuesday’s BBC2 programme on the Conspiracy Theorists of the 7/7 Tube bombings (why they devoted a whole hour to this ridiculous premise is beyond me) like everyone else, I was reminded of next week’s awful anniversary and thought how painful this time must be for the living that were caught up in it — and the friends and family of those that died.

But none of us should EVER forget the fantastic work of the emergency services that day, people like Lysa who did whatever they could to help on that summer morning of disbelief, chaos and shock as the grim reality of terrorism unravelled in the heart of our city.

There are a lot of nutters in this world, many of whom would have us believe anything but the truth about what happened on that day.

But what is always true is this: London’s emergency services gave their very best that day.

As they always do.

Our thanks and gratitude must surely go to every one of them.


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