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Common Sense: How common is it?

common sense, by justinwilson, on flickr

common sense, by justinwilson, on flickr

I have come to the conclusion that common sense isn’t all that common – in fact it may be rapidly heading towards extinction. You may already know that I work part time in an Emergency Department in a local hospital. A mum came in last week with her eight year old lad who had been playing outdoors when he took a bit of a tumble. He looked very well to me so I introduced myself and asked them what had happened.

“Well little Johnny was playing outside and he tripped over – I’m worried that he may have banged his head.”

“Ok, how do you feel Johnny? Did you bang your head when you fell?” I asked him.

“No” he replied with a smile.

“He hasn’t banged his head” I informed her (feeling a little bit puzzled).

“Well then, he may have hurt his arm when he landed” she offered.

“Did you hurt your arm when you fell – is it painful anywhere?” I asked.

“No” he answered.

“Well – he doesn’t appear to have hurt his arm” I informed her.

I gave him a once over to be sure that I wasn’t missing anything. Having checked and not found a single bump, bruise or broken bone, I told mum that he seemed to be completely uninjured and in fact hadn’t got any pain or reason to be concerned at all. I felt like I had just been used as a ‘go between’ for her and her son to communicate. She could easily have asked him all the same questions that I asked him!

“Thats good” she replied, “I just wanted him checked over – thank you very much!”

Because it all seemed a bit odd, I asked if they had any concerns that I hadn’t asked them about or any other issues at all, but no, that was it. They were very happy and soon on their way home.

Is common sense going the way of the dodo? Leave me your thoughts in the comments.


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