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Hiding after a car crash


Ever seen the Thunderbirds trees that lean over to the side and then move back?  How about Batman’s bush that collapses to allow him to join the road from the batcave which then pops back up to hide the path?

When we receive a call for a road traffic collision (RTC) it isn’t usually too difficult for us to locate the scene – especially on a busy main road. A couple of things normally happen:

  • As we approach the vicinity we become caught up in grid-locked traffic and must squeeze our way through until eventually we arrive at a scene that resembles a collection of cars looking rather like they have been abandoned by the losers of a parking competition.
  • As we get closer to the scene there are often bystanders in the middle of the road waving their arms like windmills to draw our attention to the obvious pile of twisted metal that only other winners of the afore mentioned parking competition would fail to notice.

I was called to a ‘car into a wall’ on a busy stretch of road the other day. The police and I drove up and down looking fruitlessly for any of the above signs of a collision. We were about to treat it as a hoax when the police received an update on the exact location.

We eventually found the car but it was all slightly unusual …

Four lads were out driving in this car; the driver was inexperienced and had only had his car and license for a couple of days; it was raining hard and another driver suddenly cut him up. He swerved sharply off the road and traversed the pavement before passing straight through some bushes. Unfortunately immediately on the other side of the bushes was a steep bank; at the bottom of the bank was the wall of a block of flats into which the car had come to a crunching halt; the bushes had then sprung back to their former shape after the car passed through leaving no evidence of what had just happened. Rush hour traffic continued to drive up and down the road just metres away in complete oblivion! Someone must surely have seen what happened but no one else called the emergency services.

Luckily there were no serious injuries (unless you count damaged pride) but I did feel sorry for the young lad as he explained what had happened to his parents on the phone.


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