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One Year On…

Champagne Supernova by _FXR, on Flickr

Champagne Supernova by _FXR, on Flickr

I have been looking back over some old posts and find it hard to believe that it has already been a year since the birth of my website. It hasn’t always been easy making the time to write the posts, but somehow I always seem to get there just in the nick of time. I now find myself constantly searching for and ‘banking’ interesting or amusing moments in my life to write up for the site and I am lucky to be working in a career that offers so many opportunities to fulfil that wish.

I find it interesting to see what posts people like and which they don’t.  I recently added the “like” button to the bottom of every post to give my website visitors an easy way to indicate the posts they like. This helps me to decide what I should write about in the future, so I encourage you all to click the link when you like what you have read. Also I have added the ‘Share This’ plugin so you can share any stories you find interesting with others, by email or on social media sites.

I have gone through the site analytics and pulled out a few stats to share with you:

Over the past year, I have published 52 posts.  The most popular of these has been where I introduced my second book, Katie the Paramedic. The second most popular post was an article I published in August about Paramedic Prescribing, and the third most popular was my book review of Blue Lights and Long Nights by Les Pringle.

Of the static pages, the gallery is the most popular. I try to select good pictures for the site to go with my articles and to further show you about what I do, so I will endeavour to bring more pictures to the site in future.

People hear about the site in different ways. Some I have met personally, some have read one of my books or heard one of my talks, and some arrive from searching on google.  Glancing through the stats, it is clear to see that there are some trends. One of the one that stands out for me is the number of people searching for injuries caused by elastic bands, which brings them to my post from May 2009 called “A New Trend? Elastic ‘Band’ Injuries“. Searches to do with Paramedic Prescribing are also littered throughout the stats, and also some searches for Italian ambulances, as I posted 3 articles after my visit there (need to catch up? Here they are: 1 2 3). I am also proud to associate myself with the work I do for the Uncut Project, and many people come to the site from searching for this.

What posts have stood out for you?  Did you discover my site by accident, or have you met me and that’s why you’re here?  Let me know in the comments and I will endeavour to reply! I look forward to writing more in the coming year and hope that you will keep returning to the site to read my updates.


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