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Why oh why won't people take medication for their pain?

'Meds' by CarbonNYC on Flickr

'Meds' by CarbonNYC on Flickr

Any ideas why people don’t take painkillers when they are in pain? It drives me absolutely crazy how someone can think something is serious enough to call an ambulance or visit an Accident and Emergency department without doing the slightest thing to help the situation for themselves first.

Obviously I am not suggesting that when you fall from a second floor window or get hit by a bus you should crawl to the nearest chemist to purchase a packet of paracetamol and a band-aid. However, if you have had a bit of a sore ankle or a tiresome headache for a couple of days, does it not make sense to see if a dose of over-the-counter painkillers can knock it on the head before you reach for the emergency services?

If you try the simple things first and they work, you have saved yourself three hours and fifty nine minute in A&E and even better the £2 bus fare home; it’s a win/win situation.

I have trouble understanding the mentality of the men – sorry guys but it usually is men – who claim to be in so much agony that they have put up with the pain for hours or days (sometimes even weeks – I kid you not) without even trying any simple measures.

When I enquire why they haven’t taken painkillers I often get these replies:

  1. I didn’t want to mask my symptoms; or
  2. Painkillers don’t work on me; or
  3. I don’t like taking tablets (my all time least favourite)

So you don’t like taking tablets BUT you do seem to like calling an emergency ambulance for your very minor long term complaint? And if you don’t like poisoning your temple of a body why is it exactly that you are still happy to smoke 40 cigarettes a day and down them all with a six pack of Stella?

Answers on a postcard (or in the comments) please…


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