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Join the Facebook group – So you want to be a Paramedic?

Screenshot of 'So you want to be a Paramedic?' Facebook group

Screenshot of 'So you want to be a Paramedic?' Facebook group

I created a facebook group – So you want to be a Paramedic? You can visit it by clicking on the image above or on the facebook logo in the top right hand corner of the site. In this post I talk about why I created it.

After I wrote my book ‘999: True Stories of my Life as a Paramedic‘, I started to get a lot of communication from young people who had an interest in becoming Paramedics. As a sign of the times maybe, they found me mostly via Facebook. A lot of them were still in school and many were already undertaking voluntary work with St John Ambulance – but all ultimately wanted to be a Paramedic.

Usually they wanted to know more stories about the job and some wanted university and career advice. As I talked with them it became clear that quite a few felt that they were the only one among their friends who held such aspirations. In fact one evening I was having a chat with one of these lads when he said that he didn’t know anyone else who wanted to be a Paramedic, and that was when I got the idea to start up a Facebook group.  I called it ‘So you want to be a Paramedic’. I hoped that it would help bring them together and then each of them would be able to network with similarly minded people.

The group has 261 members at the time of writing; the young people themselves are the main contributors to the site, sharing their experiences and knowledge of applications, interviews, universities and more with each other. A senior lecturer from Hertfordshire University has also joined and I am grateful that he regularly fields the sometimes complex questions around entry to university education. There are also quite a few members who are student and qualified Paramedics. Hertfordshire University is well represented but the other universities are also increasing in numbers as time passes.  The students have added some fantastic links and photographs depicting elements of training such as simulated accident management and resuscitation. There are many discussion groups to participate in with a wide variety of subjects.

We have Paramedics from around the world including Italy, Chile, Luxemburg, France and Australia. We also have a fireman and a policeman – although I am not sure either really want to be Paramedics, but they are most welcome as honorary members all the same!

If a career as a Paramedic is of interest to you then I encourage you to join the group and explore this further.


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