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Medical related items to buy

[This article was written by Jon Yates from Hero Consulting. Follow him on twitter.]

I must say i’m partial to kitsch items that are somehow related to anatomy or medicine. I’m not afraid to admit it. I thought i’d share a few i’ve seen that have caught my eye (and some that i’ve bought!).  All prices correct at time of writing.

Dr Jam’s Man Flu Stress Ball

Dr Jams Man Flu Stress Reliever

A large tablet shaped stress reliever, I bought it the first day I saw it. It’s a little bit strange to squeeze as it tends to bend in the middle along the centre groove, but this really caught my eye and is currently sitting on my desk.  An absolute steal at £1.99 from Play.com.

Blood Bath Shower Gel

Blood Bath Shower gel

Not managed to buy one of these yet, because they sell out so quickly!  This cherry scented shower gel is in a bag that looks like IV fluid (commonly referred to as a ‘drip’). Available from Spinning Hat (when it’s not sold out).

Dr Cool/Dr Hot Bags

Dr Cool and Dr Hot bags from Suck UK

While we’re on the subject of things looking like drip bags, Suck UK sell these two items.  The Dr Cool bag is filled with Gel that you chill in the fridge, while the Dr Hot bag is one of those hand warmer items that warms up when you click the little silver disc inside it.

Giant Microbes

Giant Microbes, available from Firebox.com

If you’re into plush, then these are the plush for you!  The problem is deciding which one to get. You can get them in the shape of the flu virus (including the swine flu variant), the Common cold, MRSA, red blood cells, or even the microbe responsible for bad breath! Get them from Firebox.com.

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  1. Michael Budd says:

    will definitely be going for the blood bag shower gel when its back in stock! lol

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