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UK Government axes child protection database – ContactPoint

From The Press Association:

A £224 million government database holding the records of all 11 million children in England has been scrapped.  [source]

What a wasted opportunity to assist professionals to protect vulnerable children and young people. So much developmental work had already been undertaken on ContactPoint, an important and much needed project which would have improved communication between all those who come in to contact with children. Everyone who works with vulnerable families holds a piece of the puzzle but unless these are placed together somewhere, no-one ever gets to see the complete picture.

Historically, poor communication has been cited as a contributory factor in all investigations into child death due to abuse. Therefore logic suggests that anything that improves the sharing of information between social services, schools, police and health – including the ambulance service – will go a long way in the challenge to keep children safe and protect them from unnecessary suffering. There may very well be a ‘Plan B’ in the pipeline but sadly I suspect the process will be lengthy and dogged by delays and bureaucracy. In the meantime children will continue to suffer and the list of child victims of abuse will continue to grow.


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