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A day in September

My last shift before my holiday was comprised of a diverse bunch of calls and here are some of them;

Firstly there was the 45 yr old lady found dead on her kitchen floor. Not seen for days; found by a neighbour who held a key. The police were on scene too and we suspect that she had fallen as she was lying in a pool of dried blood from a head injury with an over-turned step ladder nearby. When her family arrived they were extremely distressed and beside themselves with grief.

The young man with stomach ache; just one minute after the pain started his wife called 999. I arrived some 3 minutes later with an ambulance in my wake. No sooner had I introduced myself when he informed me that the pain had resolved and he had completely recovered. A total of 4-5 minutes of pain resulting in an emergency ambulance and car attending for what was most likely no more than a nasty case of trapped wind!

A 14 year old lad fell from a ramp while skate-boarding. He had sustained a really nasty injury of his forearm. I didn’t need an x-ray to tell me that the two bones were fractured as his wrist was very deformed (dinner fork deformity).  I cannulated him and gave him morphine in the middle of the skate park surrounded by at least 70 young people whizzing about me on bikes and boards.  The young people were brilliant; they helped carry my bags and made themselves generally useful. The mixture of entonox (laughing gas) and morphine made the lad very emotional and he was declaring love for those around him and literally crying and laughing at the same time which made us giggle.

A young girl with Down’s Syndrome accidentally had her finger shut in a door. It was bleeding and obviously fractured. She resisted most of my efforts to assess her, but eventually I managed to wrestle a dressing on to it to stop it flapping around and she and her family went to hospital for further treatment.

Then there was the road traffic collision. Luckily the couple were uninjured following the accident on their way to a wedding. The lovely police officer on scene kindly agreed to drop them off at the wedding. I imagined their friend’s faces as they clambered out of the back of the police van outside the church dressed in all their finery!

A toddler, newly diagnosed with epilepsy who had suffered another fit. Bless him; he was still dressed up in his fireman’s uniform when we arrived!

Last but not least was the alcoholic gentleman who had become very unwell due to his years of excessive drinking. What made me sad here though was his daughter. Rather than being able to simply enjoy herself with the trials and tribulations of being a teenager, she was instead, clearly well out of her depth dealing with the business of trying to ‘fix’ her father. She was grown-up beyond her years and told me all about her dreams to study and become a doctor – I suspect that she will be a very fine doctor indeed.

So now, I’m off on holiday – See you next week!


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