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Luckily I was just around the corner when I got called to this one. Traffic police were driving by on their way to curry night at the local police station. They saw a young man on the ground just inside the grounds of a park. They pulled up to investigate and saw that he was injured and losing a lot of blood from a leg wound. Springing into action one of the cops put a huge battle dressing on the wound; he pressed firmly on it and elevated the leg. He established that the young man – Alex – had been taking a short cut by climbing over the railings when he slipped and impaled himself by the lower leg onto one of the spikes. Unbelievably he managed to pull himself off and stagger only a few steps before he could go no further.

The policeman said he had to climb over the railings by using the police car as a step up, but that it was very tricky so the other cop hadn’t even attempted it. He told me that the fire brigade were on the way to break the lock on the gate. However, I ADORE climbing things and do so at any opportunity, so I decided to attempt to scale the railings. I threw my bags over first then used the car to give me a step up, then clambered over the spikes. Landing safely and dare I say, gracefully perhaps, on the grass on other side, I assessed Alex’s condition. He was very quiet, pale and sweaty, his blood pressure was ‘in his boots’ so I put a cannula into a vein in his arm and gave him some fluids to boost it a little, and then I gave him some painkiller. We cut away his blood soaked jeans to assess the wound and check for other injuries. On the surface it was quite a wide laceration and there was no way at this point of knowing how deep it was or what the damage was like underneath.

Three fire engines arrived next and even though all we needed were some bolt cutters I never complain about having them there! At least we could move in and out of the park with the equipment now.

An ambulance arrived and we prepared to get Alex on board for his journey to hospital. We lifted him on to the trolley bed and kept him lying down with his legs elevated; we needed to monitor his blood pressure constantly as it remained a little low but at least the bleeding was now under control.

So Alex went in the ambulance to hospital for further assessment of his injuries, the police went off to enjoy their curry, and after a quick clean up and restock I was ready for my not so eventful next call.


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