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A day in the life

I thought I would give you a brief summary of some of the patients that we saw today at the hospital.

The man who had had a lump on his arm for 3 years and then came in by ambulance (yes folks you did read that correctly – by ambulance!). He made us giggle as he insisted that he didn’t drink alcohol until the bottle of vodka fell out from his coat pocket to the floor!

The man who injured the tip of his finger 10 days previously; he was given an x-ray and no bones were found to be broken. He was sent home with a dressing. He then took himself to another hospital later that day and got a 2nd opinion and yet another x-ray. It would appear that they agreed with us and didn’t change his treatment.

Anyway, despite being told to keep the dressing dry, he got it wet a lot during the 9 passing days and when he removed it, found the skin to rather wrinkly (like when you’ve been in the bath too long).

Day 10 and by now completely pain free, the skin had dried out and become a little ‘flaky’, so he came along for us to examine it. After having a good old look, and finding everything in working order, I told him not to worry and advised him to moisturise the skin regularly until it got back to normal. He then said to me that if I didn’t mind, he would now probably go back to the second hospital again for another opinion, just to be completely certain. Naturally I told him that if he wished to do so this was his prerogative. But really…. 4 hospital visits for one very minor injury to a finger tip, I ask you!

And talking about ‘flaky’ how about the young man with a knee injury.

“I broke it last year too I think” he said.

“Do you know which bone you broke?” I asked.

“Don’t know”

“Did you have to wear a full leg plaster?”

“I can’t remember”

“You can’t remember if just last year you had to wear a plaster from your thigh to your foot and use crutches to get about?”

“No, but I have got a bad memory!”

I‘m surprised he could even recall his name or the way to the hospital if that was the case!


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