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Junior Citizens 2

Once again I got roped in to taking part in a local Junior Citizens Scheme. Well if I’m honest I actually offered as it’s a lot easier than a tough day on the road as far as I’m concerned and I really enjoyed last time. There is also an abundance of cake and biscuits available all day for the long suffering workers to pick at, and that definitely helped sway my decision to volunteer.

In case you haven’t see the previous post about the JC Scheme have a look here: Junior Citizens 1.
Colleagues from the police, fire brigade, Transport for London as well as the ambulance service were at the venue. This time however, we set up our ‘stalls’ at Selhurst Park Football Stadium. I had a fine view over the pitch, from one of the Executive Boxes no less, and for most of the week we have had some bright if not very breezy weather.

Each visiting school is split up into groups of 10 pupils aged about 9 and 10 years old. They take turns to move through the various stalls and learn about keeping safe in different situations. They must listen carefully, behave well and participate in each of the situations and we award them points for their efforts to add a bit of healthy competition.

As an introduction, I always ask the children if they recognise my uniform and I ask them what they think I am – I give them a clue of course – I say it begins with a ‘P’ (the answer is Paramedic just in case you weren’t sure).
Among the guesses this week were;
‘Parasol’ (? really not sure where that one came from) and my personal favorite…..
‘I know, I know…..are you a Paracetamol?’
‘All good answers’ I say supportively ‘But, No I’m actually a paramedic’
‘Aw, I was just going to say that’ is the usual sighed response!
‘You can’t be’ one little Herbert piped up authoritatively – because they only have paramedics in America’
‘I can assure you that I am a paramedic’ I said, I told him about my certificate stored safely in a drawer somewhere and the epaulettes on my shoulders that proved it to be the case – yet still he looked unconvinced as he shook his head and rolled his eyes. I was sure that I heard him mutter ‘Clearly deluded’ under his breath…….


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