Verona Opera

I was back in Italy last week with my friends Carol & Jaqui, and on our first night there we were enchanted as we watched a spectacular performance of Verdi’s ‘La Traviata’ in Verona’s majestic 2,000 year old Roman amphitheatre. Under the inky blue night sky, only the occasional breeze gently reminded us that we were sitting outside.  At the beginning of each interval, as well as the obligatory glass of prosecco, we also rapidly sought out our friends Davide and Alfonso. They are volunteers for the ‘Croce Verde Ambulance Service’ and anyone who has had the pleasure of seeing the opera in Verona will have noticed the ambulance vehicles permanently parked outside the arena during the opera season to provide a medical presence to assist with emergencies during the performance. Luckily as well as being practical, their bright orange attire also made them pretty easy to spot among the rest of the audience (who in general were wearing rather more sober colours). The boys had both kindly reorganised their shifts to ensure that they would be on-duty with their colleagues on the night we were coming. Here are a couple of photographs we took to capture a fabulous evening.

What a spectacular place to work for an ambulance service and I do quite like orange, I wonder if I could get a secondment….


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