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Happy 3rd Birthday,!

Image by soapylove, on Flickr

Image by soapylove, on Flickr

This website was launched on Thursday December 4th, 2008, with my initial post, Snapshots.

As a Birthday celebration I asked Jon (my website guy) to pull some facts and figures out of the analytics for the website. Here’s what he came up with.

Aside from the homepage, the most popular page on the site is the gallery. I will definitely try to add more photos to this in 2012!

The three most popular stories (in terms of pageviews) on the site are:

  1. June 2010 – where I wrote about how London Ambulance Service decided they would no longer use ECPs as part of their workforce. ECPs were officially redeployed to other roles as of April 2011.
  2. August 2009 – where I wrote about the subject of Paramedic Prescribing – which continues to be a hot topic.
  3. January 2010 – where Charlotte kindly wrote the first in a short series of articles on Life as a Student Paramedic.
If you haven’t seen any of those articles yet, please click the links to head over and read them!
I also implemented a “Like” system early on in the site where you could quickly ‘like’ an article. Here is what it looks like:
In terms of these likes, the most popular articles are:
I have since implemented AddThis so you can like articles on facebook, or share them on Twitter or other social media sites. I have also implemented facebook comments so you can comment really simply and easily on my articles. Please leave me a comment or two on each article you like!
In terms of people from different countries visiting the site, the four with the greatest number of visitors are:
  1. UK
  2. Australia
  3. United States
  4. Italy (hello to all my Italian friends!)
Some of the more interesting stats come from the words people search for on Google to arrive on my site. Some of the more frequent ones (in no particular order) are:
  • “Paramedic Prescribing” – no surprises here. Here’s the article that most of those searches head to: Paramedic Prescribing.
  • “Katie the Paramedic” – my second book.
  • “Advanced Paramedic” – a future role that is being proposed in several ambulance services.
  • “elastic band injuries”, “blinded by elastic band” and other associated elastic band related searches. I never imagined when I wrote this article in May 2009 that there were so many people searching for this on Google! Are you one of those people? If so, please contact me via the contact page so I can start to understand what people are trying to find out about injuries from elastic bands!
  • “Police, crime & 999″, “John Donoghue” and associated searches. Jon says this book is very dangerous, as he keeps laughing out loud in public places while reading it! Read the review here or buy the book on Amazon here.
  • “Les Pringle” and “Blue lights and long nights” – an excellent book – one for the Christmas stockings anyone? Read my review here and see the book on here (note: the book has been reissued under the title ‘Dial 999!’). (You can also look at my other Book Reviews if you haven’t seen them).
  • “Italian ambulance service” – See part 1 of my article series here.
  • “knife crime” – Read my set of articles here.
  • “999″ and “rapid response” – My first book “999″ was recently re-released with a new title “Rapid Response”. See the book on here.
Don’t forget, in addition to, you can find me:
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