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Looking for a last minute Christmas gift for the Paramedic in your life?

I know that this is coming a bit late to some, but if you’re still looking for a gift for the Paramedic in your life, here’s a few ideas:

Streamlight stylus pen torch – £25 – Amazon.co.uk

With a metal casing, this torch eschews quality. Batteries last for ages  and because it’s metal its of a sturdy construction. I’ve been using one for years and think they’re great.



Laser engraved Littman stethoscope – £50 – Medisave.co.uk

Medisave offer FREE engraving on the bell of littman stethoscopes. Really adds a personal quality and should hopefully prevent theft!



Nonin Go2 pulse oximeter – £78 – Amazon.co.uk

I know some people like to own and carry their own pulse oximeter, me included. The Nonin Go2 uses the same technology found in the onyx, but at a reduced price. It’s aimed at the consumer market, hence the slightly larger size and brighter colours on the casing. I’ve been using one for over a year and it’s very reliable.


Blood Bath Shower Gel – £7 – Amazon.co.uk

Excusing the name, i’ve got a penchance for IV bags and blood bags being used for regular things. Couldn’t get hold of this last year (constantly sold out) but has a wider distribution now.


Dr Cool Bag – £7 – Amazon.co.uk

Staying on the IV bag theme, you can get these IV bag shaped cooling gel and also hand warmers.


Giant microbes – now availabe as tree ornaments! – £20 – Amazon.co.uk

These plush versions of disease causing bacteria and viruses are now available as decorations for your Christmas tree, if you so wish!



A Plethora of books worthy of a read


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