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Seasonally Affected Disorders

Accident & Emergency sign

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I think that you can often predict the type of cases that we may see during the winter if you just consider a few influencing factors. It’s not very complicated really; let me give you some classic examples to illustrate my point:

The weekend mornings during the playing season – guarantees an influx of rugby and football players with their deformed limbs, making a muddy mess of ambulances and emergency departments alike.

A sudden cold snap – means we’ll see lots of fractured bones as folk slip on the ice usually while wearing at least ten layers of clothes that then have to be cut off if we are to access the affected body part without causing more pain.

Temporary ice rinks are also to blame for a lot of fractured wrists and other bones as people old enough to know better try to recreate that winning Torvill and Dean moment. Over the years I’ve seen quite a few who failed and scored only a miserable nil point for their efforts.

The last working day before the Christmas break –  ‘Mad Friday’ – will always bring in lots of drunken city workers and party goers in various stages of inebriation.

Working over the Christmas season also brings its own unique challenges. One shift I worked over the holiday period typifies this.

Firstly there was the lady, who after drinking a considerable amount of Baileys attempted to reattach a Christmas decoration that had come loose from the ceiling. She clambered on a dining chair and whoops – need I go on?

Then there was the chap who had an unfortunate incident involving a Ferrero Roche. He was happily munching away on his Christmas chocolate treat when he noticed his mouth filling with blood. Four hours later and it was still bleeding so he came to the emergency department. We stopped the bleeding eventually and found a tiny little cut on his tongue that had been causing all the trouble.

One poor grandfather had gifted a scooter to his grand-daughter and was eager to demonstrate his skills. Rather predictably perhaps he took a bit of a tumble. The poor man had landed on his face causing a black eye, lot of facial bruising and some really nasty, deep grazes.

And finally the lady who fell off a chair and hurt her back after putting all her energy in to pulling a cracker during the family Christmas dinner – she never saw the joke!



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