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Don't point that thing at me!

I don’t know if I believe in karma but it certainly seemed to come in to play with my patient last week. Although he was seen fairly promptly and spoken to politely, he was an impatient and somewhat objectionable man from the moment we made contact.

As he told me the story of how he obtained his injury, I could just picture the scene! He barely concealed his anger as he recounted the story in great detail, of being ‘cut up’ by a young driver of a tatty Fiesta as he was driving along a local road. He told me that he eventually managed to manoeuvre his car in front of the lad who was forced to come to a halt (and who from his description, sounded terrified).

Our chap then pulled the lad from his car and started telling him what he thought of his driving ability as he jabbed him in the chest repeatedly. And that’s when it happened…

As he jabbed away with his finger at the poor young lad’s chest – the force of the impact caused it to dislocate! This obviously brought a swift end to the situation, it probably also brought a tear to the eye and a few choice expletives. No doubt it also caused a sign of relief from the young driver too – who took the opportunity to make a dash for it!

With no one remaining to take his frustrations out on, Mr Angry then drove himself to the emergency department, still rather cross, to get the finger sorted out.

Even after I had got his finger pointing in the right direction he remained rather grumpy, and left the department muttering under his breath; he didn’t even say ‘Thank you’!  – There’s just no pleasing some people!


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