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Image by JackBetty on Flickr

Image by JackBetty on Flickr

I saw a lovely patient this week, he was a very shy young man who didn’t speak much English but sadly he had just been mugged. There were three of them and only one of him – so violence really wasn’t necessary, but still they punched him in the face a number of times as they ripped his mobile phone from his hand.

Some women were standing at a bus stop nearby and witnessed everything. Immediately one called the police. Additionally, the other woman had the incredible presence of mind to capture the attack on her mobile phones. It was a brave thing to do, had the men seen this they most certainly would have wanted to get the phone containing the evidence from them and I doubt they would have had any qualms about using force to achieve this.

The police arrived very quickly, but the men had already fled the scene. However, the women handed over the footage on the mobile phone and very shortly afterwards the group were spotted and arrested for the crime.

Even though the victim would soon have his mobile phone back, he was in a lot of pain because he had sustained a broken jaw bone and needed to go to a hospital with Facial Maxillary facilities for surgery. But I would like to say well done to those Good Samaritans who can feel very proud of themselves. Without their selfless quick thinking the cowards may have very well got away with it.


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