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Birds of a feather

I had a young student paramedic out observing with me this week. With her ‘gateway’ exam coming up soon Jane wanted to spend the day with an ECP to observe physical assessment techniques. Our first patient was a young man who had fallen almost 3 metres while working on a construction site. It was rainingContinue Reading

'Tis but a touch of consumption

No post from me this week as i’m a bit under the weather, so i’m going to direct you towards the facebook group for your weekly fix of paramedic stories. The group is aimed at people thinking of a career as a Paramedic and is therefore practically titled ‘So you want to be a Paramedic?‘Continue Reading

Charlotte: My summer theatre placement – part 2

This is part 2 of a 2 part article. If you missed it, read part 1. The next morning I met another anaesthetist who was willing to let me assist her, this time with cannulation.  I wasn’t expecting this to go very well as I don’t really like needles, especially when I have to haveContinue Reading

Charlotte: My summer theatre placement – part 1

Despite finishing my university time for year 2 back in June, it wasn’t time to kick back and relax for the summer holiday until last week.  On successful completion of all the academic components of the second year, each of us had to complete a fortnight’s placement in a hospital operating theatre, followed by theContinue Reading

Join the Facebook group – So you want to be a Paramedic?

I created a facebook group – So you want to be a Paramedic? You can visit it by clicking on the image above or on the facebook logo in the top right hand corner of the site. In this post I talk about why I created it. After I wrote my book ‘999: True StoriesContinue Reading

Life as a Student Paramedic – Part 2

[Note: This is a guest post by Charlotte. If you missed it, make sure you read Part 1] Probably most peoples’ favourite modules and those that readers will be most interested in are the practical ones included in our first year timetable. The first of these is the skills module which includes the obvious aspectsContinue Reading

Life as a Student Paramedic – Part 1

[Note: This is a guest post by Charlotte. Stay tuned for more articles on Student Paramedic life in the future!] I’m currently in the second year of the honours degree in Paramedic Science at Hertfordshire University. This course is 4 years long as opposed to the foundation degree which is only 3 years in length.Continue Reading

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