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'Tis but a touch of consumption

No post from me this week as i’m a bit under the weather, so i’m going to direct you towards the facebook group for your weekly fix of paramedic stories. The group is aimed at people thinking of a career as a Paramedic and is therefore practically titled ‘So you want to be a Paramedic?‘Continue Reading

Medical related items to buy

[This article was written by Jon Yates from Hero Consulting. Follow him on twitter.] I must say i’m partial to kitsch items that are somehow related to anatomy or medicine. I’m not afraid to admit it. I thought i’d share a few i’ve seen that have caught my eye (and some that i’ve bought!).  AllContinue Reading

The Amateur Transplants

A few of us from work went to Indigo2 at The O2 recently to see a wonderfully smutty musical performance by Adam Kay and Suman Biswas – better known as The Amateur Transplants. Adam plays the piano while they both sing along to the tunes of a variety of popular songs. The difference is thatContinue Reading

London Ambulance Service decides they will no longer use Emergency Care Practitioners as part of their workforce

In response to requests from their commissioners, London Ambulance Service NHS Trust (LAS) has decided that they will no longer employ Emergency Care Practitioners (ECPs) as part of their workforce. Existing ECPs will be transitioned into suitable alternative employment, with the hope that they will contribute their varied skills in their new roles. Reflecting onContinue Reading

Join the Facebook group – So you want to be a Paramedic?

I created a facebook group – So you want to be a Paramedic? You can visit it by clicking on the image above or on the facebook logo in the top right hand corner of the site. In this post I talk about why I created it. After I wrote my book ‘999: True StoriesContinue Reading

Finding it stressful at the office? Just fake it.

We were called to an office for a man of about thirty years old. We arrived to find him lying on the floor amongst a maze of desks and chairs. Concerned colleagues were on hand to inform us that he was normally a fit and well man, but that day he had been feeling veryContinue Reading

Reflecting on New Years Eve 2009 – working at a treatment centre

With memories of the freezing cold that I had endured last New Year’s Eve still prominent in my mind, I wore four layers of clothing in preparation for the evening ahead. We sat in on the briefing with a hundred or so other staff from the LAS and St John’s Ambulance which was followed byContinue Reading

Happy New Year

It’s that time of year again and I am looking forward to seeing in the New Year while working the night with my London Ambulance Service and St John Ambulance colleagues in a treatment centre in the centre of London. There are a few things that I can reliably predict for the evening. It willContinue Reading

Merry Christmas to you all

Apologies to those of you who visited the site on Friday only to find no weekly update. You may have heard of the escalating amount of 999 calls we have received during the snowy period, and it really has been quite exhausting! I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. For thoseContinue Reading

Hiding after a car crash

Ever seen the Thunderbirds trees that lean over to the side and then move back?  How about Batman’s bush that collapses to allow him to join the road from the batcave which then pops back up to hide the path? When we receive a call for a road traffic collision (RTC) it isn’t usually tooContinue Reading

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