Walking the Via Francigena for Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF)

Hi to you wonderful people. So many fantastic things are happening that I want to tell you about!!! There’s only 8 weeks to go until I start walking 999km from Aosta to Roma (alone!) to raise funds for Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Bo[more]

Walking the Via Francigena for Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF)

 After years of planning the Olympics are finally underway. While it may only be early days in the proceedings, the event hasn’t been entirely without casualties even at this point. In one shift this week I looked after three ‘victims’ of the [more]

With 60 percent of the victims of knife related crime being teenagers, it’s important to get in there and talk to them about the dangers early. But how early is too early? When I go in to prison to talk to young people about the implications of kni[more]

My first patient of the shift hopped around like he had ants in his pants as he tried to describe to me what had happened to him, so I shall call him Zebedee. Cradling his poorly right hand with his left as if it were protecting a precious Faberge eg[more]

Recently, after a bit of a break away, I had a couple of shifts working in A&E. I really enjoy working in that environment, not least for the interest factor. Some shifts in particular I find that I can entertain myself for hours trying to figure[more]

  After discovering his very kind review of my book in the Nursing Standard I felt duty bound to purchase and read Dr Nick Edward’s book in return. I don’t normally read books of the medical genre because: a) I live and breathe medic[more]

Working on the car recently, I was called to a large gated residence situated on a private road. A retired professional couple lived there; Mr Middleton, (not his real name) called because he was concerned that his wife, who’d been having antibioti[more]

This chap came in to an Urgent Care Centre where I was working with a young lady and a toddler in a buggy who looked about two years old. After our polite introductions he said to me; “I’d like you to document all my injuries; I’ve been a victi[more]

After years of being in the role of care provider, suddenly a couple of weeks ago, late at night, an unbearable pain in my tummy meant my husband had to pop me to our local A&E department, the hospital where I trained as nurse and have worked int[more]

I saw a lovely patient this week, he was a very shy young man who didn’t speak much English but sadly he had just been mugged. There were three of them and only one of him – so violence really wasn’t necessary, but still they punched him in[more]

I don’t know if I believe in karma but it certainly seemed to come in to play with my patient last week. Although he was seen fairly promptly and spoken to politely, he was an impatient and somewhat objectionable man from the moment we made contact[more]

My first patient a couple of weeks ago was worried because following a routine visit to the dentist’s surgery she had come away with rather more than she bargained for. The dentist was working on one of her molars and during the procedure the drill[more]

I think that you can often predict the type of cases that we may see during the winter if you just consider a few influencing factors. It’s not very complicated really; let me give you some classic examples to illustrate my point: The weekend morni[more]

I know that this is coming a bit late to some, but if you’re still looking for a gift for the Paramedic in your life, here’s a few ideas: Streamlight stylus pen torch – £25 – With a metal casing, this torch esche[more]

Lysa was asked at short notice to appear on Sky News today to talk about ‘Mad Friday’ – the busiest night of the year for office Christmas parties. Ambulance Services, Police Forces and Hospitals all experienced an increase number o[more]

This website was launched on Thursday December 4th, 2008, with my initial post, Snapshots. As a Birthday celebration I asked Jon (my website guy) to pull some facts and figures out of the analytics for the website. Here’s what he came up with. [more]

It must be something in the air at this time of year. One of my recent shifts was like a groundhog day. It consisted almost entirely of patients who had either vomiting or diarrhoea or vomiting and diarrhoea. These were all otherwise healthy young pe[more]

It can be a bit hit and miss when you take an observer out for a shift on the ambulance. No self respecting observer arranges an observation shift with the London Ambulance Service hoping for a quite night on station drinking tea and watching Strictl[more]

You know what it’s like when you have a new born baby to look after. You would do anything in your power to keep them safe from harm. One new mum took things a little bit far recently when she found a wasp’s nest in the family home. A scaremonger[more]

Tom was brought in by a friend who wore a distinctly sheepish expression as he manoeuvred the wheel chair along the corridor. The patient had a particularly swollen and painful right foot; even I didn’t need an x-ray to tell me that something was a[more]

I was telling my friends and family about a call I went to recently. It involved a toddler hit by a car with possible life changing or life threatening injuries. My colleagues and I were busy – we had a child screaming with a head injury and th[more]

I saw a 25 year old man recently in an Urgent Care Centre where I work; he was in an awful state with an infected wound to his hand. Just over two weeks earlier he had a nasty accident which involved white spirit and a lit cigarette. He sustained ter[more]

One of the toughest tasks that I’ve ever had to do at work didn’t involve any blood or trauma, but it left me choking back the tears just the same. We had been called to a young mother found by her husband when he arrived home after work, as he e[more]

Things aren’t always what they seem at first. When people are describing what has happened to them when they call 999 for help, it can be open to interpretation and even a small breakdown in communication can mean we find something completely diffe[more]

When it comes to dislocation of the shoulder, rapid treatment is best to eliminate the stretch and compression of nerves and muscles in the area; it also reduces the muscle spasm which can make getting the shoulder back in to the correct position mor[more]

Some people just seem to have the worst luck. I was given a call to a road traffic collision (RTC) and the control room asked me to provide a report for HEMS. The initial calls to 999 must have made it sound very serious if they were considering send[more]

I’d put my name down to work at the Notting Hill Carnival a few weeks ago, well before the London riots hit the news. I usually enjoy working at these big events (you may know that I have also worked at the London Triathlon, the London Marathon and[more]

I had to feel sorry for one of my patients last week. She’d been sent in to the Urgent Care Centre (UCC) for an x-ray to her right leg by her GP. Sadly at the beginning of the year, she had lost a close relative under tragic circumstances and was s[more]

I was back in Italy last week with my friends Carol & Jaqui, and on our first night there we were enchanted as we watched a spectacular performance of Verdi’s ‘La Traviata’ in Verona’s majestic 2,000 year old Roman amphitheatre. Under the[more]

Occasionally through my work I have witnessed things that have been beyond my comprehension. Some cruel acts have been so premeditated or extreme in their nature that they still distress me to think about them now; senseless murders, shaken babies an[more]

Once again I got roped in to taking part in a local Junior Citizens Scheme. Well if I’m honest I actually offered as it’s a lot easier than a tough day on the road as far as I’m concerned and I really enjoyed last time. There is also an abundan[more]

Coincidentally, and just in time for my birthday (It was my 21st birthday, just in case you were wondering but were too polite to ask) my very own signed copy of ‘Police, Crime and 999’ by John Donoghue arrived in the post this week. This is the [more]

‘Continuous Fitting’ This type of call always comes up as a high priority, and a paramedic will always be sent in case the patient needs a medication called Diazepam to help stop the fits. But things aren’t always what they seem at first glance[more]

I was working in a very busy Urgent Care Centre in the ‘triage’ room. I’d been there for four hours and the flow of patients never stopped. One chap with not much more wrong with him than a dose of ‘man flu’ left the room to sit and wait to[more]

We’ve had some gorgeous spring weather lately and one particularly sunny late afternoon I was called to someone reported as being ‘unconscious’ by passers-by. When I arrived there was a small crowd gathered around a man who was lying flat out o[more]

A word of warning to those of us of a certain age who are considering a return to sporting activities after a few years break. You may still believe that you are able to run around the squash court or football pitch with the vigour of a teenager but [more]

I was recently interviewed for Ambulance Today magazine – here is a direct link to the online PDF version of the magazine. I was interviewed by the editor, Declan Heneghan, about my career – starting from my job in the circus, which regul[more]

On a stunning early spring day recently, I was called by the police to a quiet street where a young man had been injured. The details were given as ’19 year old male, hurt himself on a fence.’ I was only a couple of minutes away in my car so I go[more]

Deciding to challenge my Italian language skills beyond their limits and seeing the opportunity for a little jaunt to my favourite country in with the deal, I signed up to attend a presentation on safety on the road in Italy. Those who have passed a [more]

I thought I would give you a brief summary of some of the patients that we saw today at the hospital. The man who had had a lump on his arm for 3 years and then came in by ambulance (yes folks you did read that correctly – by ambulance!). He made u[more]

I had a young student paramedic out observing with me this week. With her ‘gateway’ exam coming up soon Jane wanted to spend the day with an ECP to observe physical assessment techniques. Our first patient was a young man who had fallen almost 3 [more]

Early help ‘key to tackling mental health problems’ Source: Reading this article reminded me of a young man I saw recently. Both his parents had died: his father a few months ago and his mother, t[more]

I had a something of a busman’s holiday recently. I went back to Verona for a few days to visit some of my friends Massimilliano and Alfonso who work for the emergency services there (See my previous posts on visiting an Italian ambulance service: [more]

I worked all over Christmas and New Year and it has been extremely busy. I guess it’s the usual mixture of alcohol, seasonal flu, adverse weather conditions and the perceived unavailability of GP services during the holidays, all culminating in the[more]

Well is it just me or did that seem to have come around very quickly?  It’s Christmas time again already. Like many of my colleagues, I have pulled the short straw and will be working during the festivities. It will probably be extremely busy too [more]

I worked on an ambulance a couple of weeks ago. We arrived at the house to find an elderly woman called Mary, experiencing abdominal pains. We introduced ourselves and discovered that she had quite a complicated medical history. We examined her and p[more]

Bearing in mind that the emergency services were stretched to capacity during the snowy period due to the high call rate coupled with the fact that many staff were unable to get in to work, you would imagine that people would exercise a degree of cau[more]

Like many of my colleagues this week I had to forsake the car and walk in to work. Having finally made it in I was crewed up on an ambulance with a guy who had also tackled the journey on foot. Our first patient was a ninety year old female with a he[more]

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