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Olympic Torch

 After years of planning the Olympics are finally underway. While it may only be early days in the proceedings, the event hasn’t been entirely without casualties even at this point. In one shift this week I looked after three ‘victims’ of the Olympic torch…. My first lovely lady was a proud mother patiently standing onContinue Reading

The Magic Roundabout

My first patient of the shift hopped around like he had ants in his pants as he tried to describe to me what had happened to him, so I shall call him Zebedee. Cradling his poorly right hand with his left as if it were protecting a precious Faberge egg, Zebedee put it thus; “IContinue Reading

Taking Responsibility

This chap came in to an Urgent Care Centre where I was working with a young lady and a toddler in a buggy who looked about two years old. After our polite introductions he said to me; “I’d like you to document all my injuries; I’ve been a victim of police brutality and I’m coveredContinue Reading

A day in the life

I thought I would give you a brief summary of some of the patients that we saw today at the hospital. The man who had had a lump on his arm for 3 years and then came in by ambulance (yes folks you did read that correctly – by ambulance!). He made us giggle asContinue Reading

A day in September

My last shift before my holiday was comprised of a diverse bunch of calls and here are some of them; Firstly there was the 45 yr old lady found dead on her kitchen floor. Not seen for days; found by a neighbour who held a key. The police were on scene too and we suspectContinue Reading

Hoax Caller

It was the last shift before I was due to go on my holidays. It was also a very hot and sunny day. The last thing that I wanted was any jobs that were going to give me any stress or cause me to break in to a sweat. I was simply intent on windingContinue Reading

Why oh why won't people take medication for their pain?

Any ideas why people don’t take painkillers when they are in pain? It drives me absolutely crazy how someone can think something is serious enough to call an ambulance or visit an Accident and Emergency department without doing the slightest thing to help the situation for themselves first. Obviously I am not suggesting that whenContinue Reading

Finding it stressful at the office? Just fake it.

We were called to an office for a man of about thirty years old. We arrived to find him lying on the floor amongst a maze of desks and chairs. Concerned colleagues were on hand to inform us that he was normally a fit and well man, but that day he had been feeling veryContinue Reading

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