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Detective Skills

Sometimes simple detective skills and a well practised ability to not appear patronising are all that is required of a health care practitioner when confronted by patients in an urgent care centre. Take the young man that I saw last week: “I broke my foot three months ago and it still hurts.” When I askedContinue Reading

Ignored Advice

Like many of my colleagues who work in a range of health care roles, I have got used to and don’t usually mind, being asked for medical advice by family, friends or occasionally even relative strangers when off duty. We get used to the unexpected knocks on the front door or approaches at social events.Continue Reading

Why oh why won't people take medication for their pain?

Any ideas why people don’t take painkillers when they are in pain? It drives me absolutely crazy how someone can think something is serious enough to call an ambulance or visit an Accident and Emergency department without doing the slightest thing to help the situation for themselves first. Obviously I am not suggesting that whenContinue Reading

Funny Histories

I have to stifle a snigger sometimes when I am trying to obtain a history from some patients. On occasion the things they come out with are comic genius; you couldn’t make them up if you wanted to. Here is a small selection of recent examples. Some of these serve as lessons of what notContinue Reading

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