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Walking the Via Francigena for Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF)

Hi to you wonderful people. So many fantastic things are happening that I want to tell you about!!! There’s only 8 weeks to go until I start walking 999km from Aosta to Roma (alone!) to raise funds for Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF) - I can hardly believe that I started to plan this almost aContinue Reading

It only hurts when I laugh

After years of being in the role of care provider, suddenly a couple of weeks ago, late at night, an unbearable pain in my tummy meant my husband had to pop me to our local A&E department, the hospital where I trained as nurse and have worked intermittently in various guises since. Now I wasContinue Reading

Happy 3rd Birthday,!

This website was launched on Thursday December 4th, 2008, with my initial post, Snapshots. As a Birthday celebration I asked Jon (my website guy) to pull some facts and figures out of the analytics for the website. Here’s what he came up with. Aside from the homepage, the most popular page on the site isContinue Reading

Verona Opera

I was back in Italy last week with my friends Carol & Jaqui, and on our first night there we were enchanted as we watched a spectacular performance of Verdi’s ‘La Traviata’ in Verona’s majestic 2,000 year old Roman amphitheatre. Under the inky blue night sky, only the occasional breeze gently reminded us that weContinue Reading

Educazione Stradale

Deciding to challenge my Italian language skills beyond their limits and seeing the opportunity for a little jaunt to my favourite country in with the deal, I signed up to attend a presentation on safety on the road in Italy. Those who have passed a holiday in a city in Italy will recall the chaos ofContinue Reading

A little trip to Verona

I had a something of a busman’s holiday recently. I went back to Verona for a few days to visit some of my friends Massimilliano and Alfonso who work for the emergency services there (See my previous posts on visiting an Italian ambulance service: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3). Last time I went toContinue Reading

Unexpected rescue

Well I had an unexpected bit of drama while on my holiday in Sicily. I had been enjoying a spot of sunbathing on a small beach by a jetty when the weather suddenly changed for the worse; apparently this is not an uncommon occurrence on the island. The sunny blue sky was rapidly filling withContinue Reading

Hoax Caller

It was the last shift before I was due to go on my holidays. It was also a very hot and sunny day. The last thing that I wanted was any jobs that were going to give me any stress or cause me to break in to a sweat. I was simply intent on windingContinue Reading

Book Review: The Nicholas Effect by Reg Green

Strangely, what first attracted me to The Nicholas Effect was the simple fact that it was predominantly set in Italy, rather than its actual subject matter. However, I have always had an interest in organ donation and regularly give blood when my shifts allow, so this added to my curiosity about the book. Reg Green,Continue Reading

Visiting an Italian Ambulance Service – Part 3

[Note: This is the final part in a short series about my visit to an Italian Ambulance Service. Click to read: part 1 part 2] Enrico kindly drove us to the HEMS base where we caught up with the doctor and nurse (Massimiliano) on duty that day. It was a stunning day – very hotContinue Reading

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