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Visiting an Italian Ambulance Service – Part 2

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Visiting an Italian Ambulance Service – Part 1

‘Squalls’ – that was exactly what the weather forecast predicted for the week we were due to visit Italy – well they lied! We actually had a practically perfect week during our trip to the Veneto. Snuggled in a loop of the snaking path of the River Adige, sits the exquisite ancient city of Verona.Continue Reading

Off to Italy

I have a little trip planned to Lake Garda in the Veneto region of Italy next week. I’ve arranged to have a look around a Croce Verdi ambulance in the beautiful town of Verona during one of the afternoons of my stay. I know that the emergency care system works very differently in Italy and IContinue Reading

Cause and effect: The reasons why I wrote my first book

Questions, Questions I often get asked why I decided to write the 999 book. As is often the case with decisions that we make in life there was more than one factor that influenced me. I had attended a fatal stabbing of a young person that summer; the escalation of knife crime and senseless lossContinue Reading

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