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The Magic Roundabout

My first patient of the shift hopped around like he had ants in his pants as he tried to describe to me what had happened to him, so I shall call him Zebedee. Cradling his poorly right hand with his left as if it were protecting a precious Faberge egg, Zebedee put it thus; “IContinue Reading

I'm a firestarter

You know what it’s like when you have a new born baby to look after. You would do anything in your power to keep them safe from harm. One new mum took things a little bit far recently when she found a wasp’s nest in the family home. A scaremongering friend panicked our new mumContinue Reading

Cat's Whispers

Things aren’t always what they seem at first. When people are describing what has happened to them when they call 999 for help, it can be open to interpretation and even a small breakdown in communication can mean we find something completely different to what we were expecting when we arrive. Language barriers, third partyContinue Reading

Waiting Times

I was working in a very busy Urgent Care Centre in the ‘triage’ room. I’d been there for four hours and the flow of patients never stopped. One chap with not much more wrong with him than a dose of ‘man flu’ left the room to sit and wait to see the doctor and askedContinue Reading

Impaled on fence

On a stunning early spring day recently, I was called by the police to a quiet street where a young man had been injured. The details were given as ’19 year old male, hurt himself on a fence.’ I was only a couple of minutes away in my car so I got there quickly andContinue Reading

Bullseyed windscreen – Car vs pedestrian RTC

I was working on a car with my colleague Richard when we were called to a RTC (Road Traffic Collision). It was the rush hour, already dark and it had just started to rain. The traffic was dreadful as we neared the scene and even though the drivers were trying their best to move theirContinue Reading

Dark Alley

I was nearly at the end of my shift travelling in steady traffic through South London. The evenings had already started drawing in and it was dark, but still warm, so I had my windows open. Suddenly a woman wearing a dressing gown and slippers ran out into the road into the path of myContinue Reading

Unexpected rescue

Well I had an unexpected bit of drama while on my holiday in Sicily. I had been enjoying a spot of sunbathing on a small beach by a jetty when the weather suddenly changed for the worse; apparently this is not an uncommon occurrence on the island. The sunny blue sky was rapidly filling withContinue Reading

A day in September

My last shift before my holiday was comprised of a diverse bunch of calls and here are some of them; Firstly there was the 45 yr old lady found dead on her kitchen floor. Not seen for days; found by a neighbour who held a key. The police were on scene too and we suspectContinue Reading

The Stabbing

It was given as “police on scene, male stabbing; no further details”. The call came in on a beautiful, warm summer evening but no sooner had I started to drive there when the heavens opened. The wipers were in overdrive trying to keep my screen clear for the high speed, blue-light journey. I put myContinue Reading

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