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Luckily I was just around the corner when I got called to this one. Traffic police were driving by on their way to curry night at the local police station. They saw a young man on the ground just inside the grounds of a park. They pulled up to investigate and saw that he wasContinue Reading

Off Duty

On my way to work one day I approached a busy junction. I could see that the lights weren’t working so I stopped and pulled on the handbrake. I noticed with horror that a motorcyclist and car approaching the junction from different roads were on a course for collision. As the vehicles impacted, suddenly theContinue Reading

Who left that signpost there?

Someone had a really lucky escape when they walked away unscathed from this wreck! Incidentally, on my way to this call I was surprised to see Spiderman running along the pavement, closely followed by four Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles and three grown men in tu-tus; at this point I remembered that there was a funContinue Reading

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