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Happy 3rd Birthday,!

This website was launched on Thursday December 4th, 2008, with my initial post, Snapshots. As a Birthday celebration I asked Jon (my website guy) to pull some facts and figures out of the analytics for the website. Here’s what he came up with. Aside from the homepage, the most popular page on the site isContinue Reading

Interview in Ambulance Today

I was recently interviewed for Ambulance Today magazine – here is a direct link to the online PDF version of the magazine. I was interviewed by the editor, Declan Heneghan, about my career – starting from my job in the circus, which regular readers of this website will know all about! For those of youContinue Reading

Talking about knife crime

As you may know I have given talks to secondary schools as part of the work I do with the Uncut Project but more recently I have been asked to talk to young offenders about the dangers of knife crime. These young people have been found in possession of a weapon and they had beenContinue Reading

Talking in Parliament about knife crime with the UNCUT project

The group at Parliament As we arrived at The House of Commons we were ALL blown away by the setting; the heavy sleet storm of yesterday now replaced by a very chilly evening and a clear night sky. The Houses of Parliament and the Millennium Wheel, basking majestically under the full moon as we queuedContinue Reading

February 10th – Speaking at the House of Commons with the UNCUT project

On February 10th I am going to the House of Commons with The Uncut Project. We have been kindly invited to the House by Karen Buck MP for Westminster to do a joint presentation about the work we do with young people in schools addressing the issues of knife crime. I have to confess thatContinue Reading

Cause and effect: The reasons why I wrote my first book

Questions, Questions I often get asked why I decided to write the 999 book. As is often the case with decisions that we make in life there was more than one factor that influenced me. I had attended a fatal stabbing of a young person that summer; the escalation of knife crime and senseless lossContinue Reading

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Read more of my posts in The Archives. 7 Like this post? Let us know by clicking here!Continue Reading