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Lower leg pain

I had to feel sorry for one of my patients last week. She’d been sent in to the Urgent Care Centre (UCC) for an x-ray to her right leg by her GP. Sadly at the beginning of the year, she had lost a close relative under tragic circumstances and was still feeling very low inContinue Reading

Junior Citizens 2

Once again I got roped in to taking part in a local Junior Citizens Scheme. Well if I’m honest I actually offered as it’s a lot easier than a tough day on the road as far as I’m concerned and I really enjoyed last time. There is also an abundance of cake and biscuits availableContinue Reading

What A Tangled Web We Weave

‘Continuous Fitting’ This type of call always comes up as a high priority, and a paramedic will always be sent in case the patient needs a medication called Diazepam to help stop the fits. But things aren’t always what they seem at first glance… I arrived ahead of the ambulance and found a young ladyContinue Reading

Waiting Times

I was working in a very busy Urgent Care Centre in the ‘triage’ room. I’d been there for four hours and the flow of patients never stopped. One chap with not much more wrong with him than a dose of ‘man flu’ left the room to sit and wait to see the doctor and askedContinue Reading

Mum's The Word

We’ve had some gorgeous spring weather lately and one particularly sunny late afternoon I was called to someone reported as being ‘unconscious’ by passers-by. When I arrived there was a small crowd gathered around a man who was lying flat out on the pavement of a very busy road. Well as you know I’m notContinue Reading

Achilles Heel

A word of warning to those of us of a certain age who are considering a return to sporting activities after a few years break. You may still believe that you are able to run around the squash court or football pitch with the vigour of a teenager but you may have an ‘Achilles heel’Continue Reading

Interview in Ambulance Today

I was recently interviewed for Ambulance Today magazine – here is a direct link to the online PDF version of the magazine. I was interviewed by the editor, Declan Heneghan, about my career – starting from my job in the circus, which regular readers of this website will know all about! For those of youContinue Reading

Educazione Stradale

Deciding to challenge my Italian language skills beyond their limits and seeing the opportunity for a little jaunt to my favourite country in with the deal, I signed up to attend a presentation on safety on the road in Italy. Those who have passed a holiday in a city in Italy will recall the chaos ofContinue Reading

A day in the life

I thought I would give you a brief summary of some of the patients that we saw today at the hospital. The man who had had a lump on his arm for 3 years and then came in by ambulance (yes folks you did read that correctly – by ambulance!). He made us giggle asContinue Reading

Young people with mental health problems

Early help ‘key to tackling mental health problems’ Source: Reading this article reminded me of a young man I saw recently. Both his parents had died: his father a few months ago and his mother, tragically, on Christmas Day. In the eyes of the world, Charlie was an adult aged 18 years old, butContinue Reading

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