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Christmas and New Year 2010

I worked all over Christmas and New Year and it has been extremely busy. I guess it’s the usual mixture of alcohol, seasonal flu, adverse weather conditions and the perceived unavailability of GP services during the holidays, all culminating in the previously unseen number of calls. Whichever of these it was, there has certainly beenContinue Reading

It's Christmas!

Well is it just me or did that seem to have come around very quickly?  It’s Christmas time again already. Like many of my colleagues, I have pulled the short straw and will be working during the festivities. It will probably be extremely busy too if the last few weeks are anything to go by.Continue Reading

Photographic Memory

I worked on an ambulance a couple of weeks ago. We arrived at the house to find an elderly woman called Mary, experiencing abdominal pains. We introduced ourselves and discovered that she had quite a complicated medical history. We examined her and performed all her physical observations as well as a 12-lead ECG before leavingContinue Reading

Snow Business part 2

Bearing in mind that the emergency services were stretched to capacity during the snowy period due to the high call rate coupled with the fact that many staff were unable to get in to work, you would imagine that people would exercise a degree of caution and put some thought into calling 999. However, weContinue Reading

Young Offenders Institute

I have been visiting a young offenders institute regularly to deliver sessions on the effects of weapon crime as part of a Gang, Guns & Knives programme for young people. The 4 day course tackles gun and knife crime and looks at ways of helping the young people lead different lives when released back intoContinue Reading

Junior Citizens

This month I had the pleasure of taking part in the Croydon Junior Citizens Scheme. This is a multi-agency project involves the London Fire Brigade, Police, Transport for London and the London Ambulance Service amongst others. The children are taken through a range of practical scenarios that highlight possibly hazardous situations that the student mayContinue Reading

Do Not Resuscitate

Anyone who has worked for the ambulance service for even the shortest period of time will have experienced the following situation. Someone with a serious medical condition unexpectedly deteriorates and a panicked family call 999 to summon ambulance staff to resuscitate their loved one. Recently I had one such call. An elderly lady had beenContinue Reading

UK Government axes child protection database – ContactPoint

From The Press Association: A £224 million government database holding the records of all 11 million children in England has been scrapped.  [source] What a wasted opportunity to assist professionals to protect vulnerable children and young people. So much developmental work had already been undertaken on ContactPoint, an important and much needed project which wouldContinue Reading

Hoax Caller

It was the last shift before I was due to go on my holidays. It was also a very hot and sunny day. The last thing that I wanted was any jobs that were going to give me any stress or cause me to break in to a sweat. I was simply intent on windingContinue Reading

(Not) Collapsed Behind Locked Doors

Charlotte and I were on the car recently and we had a call to go to an elderly lady believed collapsed behind locked doors. She had had a blood test a few days earlier and the pathologist (a doctor who specialises in the scientific study of the nature of disease and its causes and processes)Continue Reading

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