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Knife Crime

With 60 percent of the victims of knife related crime being teenagers, it’s important to get in there and talk to them about the dangers early. But how early is too early? When I go in to prison to talk to young people about the implications of knife crime, sadly, they are already fully aware.Continue Reading

Taking Responsibility

This chap came in to an Urgent Care Centre where I was working with a young lady and a toddler in a buggy who looked about two years old. After our polite introductions he said to me; “I’d like you to document all my injuries; I’ve been a victim of police brutality and I’m coveredContinue Reading

It only hurts when I laugh

After years of being in the role of care provider, suddenly a couple of weeks ago, late at night, an unbearable pain in my tummy meant my husband had to pop me to our local A&E department, the hospital where I trained as nurse and have worked intermittently in various guises since. Now I wasContinue Reading

Breaking sad news to children

One of the toughest tasks that I’ve ever had to do at work didn’t involve any blood or trauma, but it left me choking back the tears just the same. We had been called to a young mother found by her husband when he arrived home after work, as he entered the living room heContinue Reading

Interview in Ambulance Today

I was recently interviewed for Ambulance Today magazine – here is a direct link to the online PDF version of the magazine. I was interviewed by the editor, Declan Heneghan, about my career – starting from my job in the circus, which regular readers of this website will know all about! For those of youContinue Reading

Educazione Stradale

Deciding to challenge my Italian language skills beyond their limits and seeing the opportunity for a little jaunt to my favourite country in with the deal, I signed up to attend a presentation on safety on the road in Italy. Those who have passed a holiday in a city in Italy will recall the chaos ofContinue Reading

Young people with mental health problems

Early help ‘key to tackling mental health problems’ Source: Reading this article reminded me of a young man I saw recently. Both his parents had died: his father a few months ago and his mother, tragically, on Christmas Day. In the eyes of the world, Charlie was an adult aged 18 years old, butContinue Reading

Young Offenders Institute

I have been visiting a young offenders institute regularly to deliver sessions on the effects of weapon crime as part of a Gang, Guns & Knives programme for young people. The 4 day course tackles gun and knife crime and looks at ways of helping the young people lead different lives when released back intoContinue Reading

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